Texas Myths That Are Only Kinda True

2. Picking Bluebonnets Is Against The Law


Photo by: Jeffrey Pang

Pretty much all of us know the experience of traveling down a country road in the spring and we pass by a field of Texas Bluebonnets. Someone yells “stop” so they can get out and take pictures. As soon as someone goes to pick one, someone else yells “it’s illegal to pick bluebonnets!” Well I’m here to let you know that no, it’s not illegal, technically.

According to Snopes, it is not illegal to pick wild bluebonnets in Texas despite their status as the state flower of Texas. It is illegal to enter private property to pick bluebonnets. There are also certain areas where the state has planted them. These areas are considered gardens and are marked as such. If you are caught picking flowers in this area you will be asked to stop and leave, but you will not be given a ticket or arrested.

All that being said, picking the flowers may be legal, but it is frowned upon by the rest of us in this state who enjoy seeing them. The more folks who pick them, the less there are for the rest of us to see. Do us all a favor and try to avoid picking them en masse. We want them to be around for a long time keepin’ this state the beautiful place love livin’ in.

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