20 Signs You’re In The Rio Grande Valley

As a Tejano with strong roots in San Benito, TX I have a love for all of The Valley’s quirks. Here are 20 of my favorites.

1. Q Tacos


Few words can describe the awesomeness that is the Q Taco at Laredo Taco Company. A little bit of egg, beans, some cheese, potato, some chorizo, some happiness, a touch of Texas, a bit of Mexico, and a bunch of RGV make up what is probably the greatest breakfast taco ever.


2. When on the side of the highway all you see is fruit stands and palm trees


If like me, you’ve made the drive from central to south Texas, you know you’re getting close when you make it past the long stretch of highway on 281 or 77 past the Border Patrol stations and suddenly out of the desert comes one fruit stand, and then another, and then endless rows of palm trees. It’s the signal that yes, you have definitely made it to the RGV.


3. When you see more Border Patrol Agents than regular police cars


This is just fact. They’re everywhere in the Valley.


4. When asking for a snack means getting something covered in either Lucas or Trechas

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I’m sure the main reason that the dentists in Matamoros and Progresso stay so busy with Americans is because so many people in the Valley snack on this stuff constantly. There IS NO WAY this stuff is healthy, but that’s not the point I guess. It’s ridiculously delicious.


5. Mariachis are at literally every occasion


Mariachis are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s Sunday Mass at La Virgen de San Juan or some older family member’s birthday party, everyone in the RGV loves Mariachis. If they’re at every event you attend, you’re definitely in the Valley.


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