20 Signs You’re In The Rio Grande Valley

6. You don’t see Sno-Cone stands, you see Raspa stands


Photo via Terrymtz

You cannot go to the Valley during the summer without stopping at a Raspa stand. Do yourself a favor though and don’t even ask for a snow cone. You’re in the Valley. It’s called a raspa. Ask for some chamoy or a pickadilly and you’ll be all set.


7. People sing Las MaƱanitas instead of Happy Birthday


This is definitely for the abuelitas, as not many young folks still do this, but it’s definitely part of growing up in the Valley. Sing it with me, “estas son las maƱanitas…”


8. People are judged by how good of a grito they can make


Throw on some Chente, add a few beers, and make grito. If your grito is wimpy and short, you’ll definitely be judged. Be warned.


9. People still debate whether Joe Lopez is guilty or not


Look, we all loved Mazz back in the day and no, Jimmy Gonzales doesn’t even come close to comparing to Joe Lopez. He is in jail now for some questionable conduct with a child, yet there are still women in the Valley who think he’s innocent. If you find people discussing it, you’re definitely in the Valley.


10. People say something funny, stick out their tongue and go “ahhhhhhh!”


You’re standing around in a circle, maybe enjoying a beer or two and your friend says something slightly funny. Immediately after, they stick out their tongue and let out a raspy “aaahhhh”. It’s a definite sign that you’re in the valley.


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