12 Texas Snacks We Can’t Live Without

We have plenty of delicious food around Texas, but these snacks keep us alive in between meals.


12. Dr Pepper Float


Via Practical and Meaningful

The Dr Pepper float may be the greatest summer time snack there is. With the heat we have around Texas, its one of the few things that can bring relief. Which brings me to my next snack…


11. Blue Bell Ice Cream


Blue Bell ice cream is impossible to pass. By itself, in a float, or partner to a slice of Pecan Pie, Blue Bell ice cream, it’s the perfect Texas snack.


10. Pickles


In some parts of Texas they’re Best Maid. In others, they’re Del Dixi. Wherever you are, they’re always tasty and mouth-watering.


9. Fruit Cups


I don’t know many people from South Texas who can live without fruit cups. They’re (sorta) healthy, but (definitely) delicious. It’s hard to see a paletera withouth immediately getting the urge to go grab one for yourself.


8. Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets


Via Happy Texans

Aside from having the cleanest bathrooms and best rest stops, Buc-ee’s is home to one of the greatest road snacks around. Beaver Nuggets are perfect for the road and perfect for Texans’ stomaches.


7. Whataburger Whatafries


Whatafries may be a new addition to the Texas snack family, but they’re awesome in more ways than one. They’re basically potato chips in fry form that taste great by themselves, heated up, or of course with a little Whataburger Ketchup.


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