12 Texas Snacks We Can’t Live Without

6. Snow Cone / Raspa


Via missdeemented

On a hot summer day, a good old fashioned snow cone can cool you down like few others. Of course, if you’re from the RGV, you may know this snack as the Raspa. You may also know about the awesome concoction that is Picadilly.


5. Julio’s Chips and Salsa


The official state snack of Texas is tortilla chips and salsa, and there’s no greater combination than Julio’s. Loaded with amazing seasoning, they might just be the greatest tortilla chip on the planet.


4. Fried Anything


If the Texas State Fair has taught us anything, it’s that Texans love to fry things. If it’s edible, we can fry it, and of course eat it. Texas has more than a few times made it on to lists of cities with the heaviest populations. I have a feeling this may have something to do with it.


3. Beef Jerky


Via Martha Jackson

Beef jerky is a classic staple of this great state. Teriyaki, black pepper style, or ole style it’s all delicious. Half of the fun of traveling around Texas is trying out the various brands in random gas stations around the state.


2. Pecan Pralines


Via Food Network

The pecan, or “puh-cahn” is amazing, and made even more amazing in the pecan praline. With the abundance of pecan trees we have in this state, the pralines are plentiful.


1. Twang Pickle Salt


It’s impossible to fine a Texan who hasn’t enjoyed a dash (or a mound) of this awesome Texas snack. It’s a rite of passage as a kid to eat a pile of it out of your hand, to the detriment of your tongue and teeth. None the less, it’s still good as adults, and it’s lime salt brethren helps make Mexican beers taste that much better.

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