10 Texans We Wish Would Run For President

This year’s Presidential election has been nothing short of intense. Republican or Democrat, the real shame is that there’s no Texan in the race anymore. My vote is that we opt for a third party candidate. One that brings the toughness that only a Texan can with a strong appetite for Tex-Mex.

1. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

It should go unsaid that Willie Nelson would be a fantastic President. For one, he’s gonna live forever. He’s got good common sense, is funny as hell, and after having his own run in with the IRS back in the day, will probably lower taxes for everyone. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

2. Coach Popovich


You don’t have to like the Spurs to like Coach Popovich. He’s a man of few words but sure knows how to be a leader. He cuts to the chase and pulls the best out of his players. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s won 5 NBA championships.

3. Nolan Ryan

White Sox Rangers Baseball Fight

It’s simple. You get The Ryan Express in to office and you’ve got a 108 MPH fastball of Texas heat headed towards any problem. Plus, he exemplifies the saying, “Don’t Mess With Texas”. When Robin┬áVentura decided to charge the mound on Ryan who was 20 years his senior, Nolan put a Texas sized beating on him.

4. Eva Longoria


Eva would represent America on the world stage in the best way possible. She’s funny, poised, and beautiful to bat. Plus she’s from Corpus, where Selena was born, and Selena was amazing, so Eva is great by that simple association.

5. Robin Wright


We need strong, cunning, and powerful folks at the helm of this country. We could elect Robin and just tell her to be her character, Claire Underwood from House of Cards. She’d take care of Putin and anyone else who tries to buck up to the United States.

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