10 Texan New Years Resolutions

It’s hard to improve upon perfection, but even us Texans can have a resolution or two. Here are 10 areas we can all improve upon.

10. Try to complain about the weather less

Texas is a crazy place for many reasons, the weather included. One day it may be hot, and the next day it might be cold. None of us really every know what the weather will bring us. The one thing we can do to better ourselves is to stop complaining about it.

As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of Texas. If you can’t stand the cold…well…buy a jacket.

9. Learn to drive in the rain

It’s understandable that we’d be terrible at driving in the rain. We never have to. It rains so rarely here, it’s hard to concentrate on anything other than the wet droplets falling from the sky. Despite this, we need to learn how to drive while doing it. Nothing locks up our highways worse than a quick downpour.

8. Wear sun-screen

We all have that friend who refuses to wear sunscreen when the sun starts to come out. Heck, you might even be that person in your friend’s group. Every year they refuse. Every year they get a severe sunburn. Face it folks. You’ll never be stronger than the big Texas sun. It’ll always burn the heck out of ya.

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7. Prepare for the cold

One thing I can guarantee is that it will be hot in Texas during the summer. I can also guarantee that it will be cold during the winter. Winters may not be long but they definitely exist. Try as we might ignore them, they always show up and catch us completely off guard. Buy a jacket, get a blanket, and stay home. It’s that simple.

We’re Texan. We’re built to withstand the heat. Cold is our achilles heal. We just have to learn to accept it.

6. Limit the small town gossip

In Texas, nothin’ travels faster than small town gossip. It may be the only “fault” we have as a people. Fault or not, it would do us all some good to put a stop to it.

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