10 Texan New Years Resolutions

5. Do the stuff we’ve all been “fixin to” do

I’m not saying we are procrastinators, but there’s a reason “fixin’ to” is the national verb of Texas. With as much good food and beer we have in this state, it’s easy to understand why we put some things off until tomorrow. Think how much all of us could get done if we were doin’ instead of “fixin to”.

4. Conserve water, drink Texas beer

We have A LOT of good brewers in Texas. Shiner, St. Arnold, Hops & Grain, and Austin Beerworks are just a few on the list. With the major draught we still have going on, skip the water. Drink Texas beer.

3. Learn to say New Braunfels correctly

This is one New Years resolution that everyone should be able to knock out very easily. There is no “s” in the middle of the word Braunfels. Don’t put one there when you say it. It’s that simple.

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2. Texas men: Argue with Texas women less

Texas guys, this one is for you. Argue with Texas women less and everyone will be happier. You’ll never win regardless of how many times you try. You’ll live much happier lives by swallowing your pride and letting our ladies have the last word. Trust me, in my house a happy wife is a happy life. If it works for me, it’ll work for you.

1. Learn to control ourselves around chips and salsa

It’s nearly impossible, I know. But one area that will help us save money (we won’t waste our meals) and lose weight (how many calories is an entire bag of tortilla chips?) is by learning to not eat our weight in chips and salsa.

This is the number one area that all Texans can improve themselves. I know it seems impossible, but with enough peer support, it’s one resolution we can all might all probably won’t be able to keep.

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