20 Things Texans Like To Talk About All The Time

5 – How badass George Strait is


It’s hard to sum up how awesome George Strait is in just one conversation. The guy’s been producing hits since the 80’s and we’ll be talkin’ about him until he stops.

4 – How much better the BBQ is here than the rest of the country


Via Texas Monthly

3 – How big the Mosquitos are here


At the sight of rain we talk about two things: being thankful for rain and how big and terrible the mosquitos are going to be when it’s over. Everything really is bigger here.

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2 – Letting people know that we’re from Texas


If we’re gonna have to talk to folks from outside of Texas, we love to let everybody know exactly where we come from. We can’t help being proud. It’s called being Texan.

1 – How Hot It Is Outside


Above all, the one thing we ALL talk about all the time is this. Despite the fact that we all live here and all know exactly how hot it is outside, we still can’t help reminding one another just in case.

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