20 Things Texans Like To Talk About All The Time

13 – Which BBQ joint is the best in Texas


Is it Kreuz’s?


Is it Smitty’s?


Is it Louie Muellers?


Is it Franklin BBQ?

All Texans have their favorite, and THAT’s the best in Texas hands down. Don’t argue. Just listen because we know what we’re talkin’ about when it comes to BBQ.

12 – How much bigger our state is than everyone else’s


It’s not our fault that everyone else’s state and state pride is so much smaller than ours. And Alaska, you don’t count because only 4 people live there.

11 – How delicious Whataburger is


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We get worked up about Whataburger because the rest of the country is out of their damned mind for thinking McDonalds or In-N-Out is passable as food. Whataburger is amazing. That’s all you need to know. In case you forget, we’ll remind you.

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10 – How much we could go for some chips and salsa right now




We love our chips and salsa. We love them so much we even have Texas shaped chips (which definitely taste better).

9 – Continually talking about how “next time I won’t eat as many chips before my meal”


It happens to us all at least once a week. Sometimes more than once a week. Regardless of how often it happens, we all ALWAYS say we don’t do it again. Well Texas, we’ve heard that one before.

8 – Arguing about the Texans and the Cowboys


After the Oilers left for Tennessee, there was peace in Texas. Then Houston up and got themselves a football team. Now all we hear about is how much better the Texans are than the Cowboys and visa versa.

7 – How much Oklahoma sucks


It’s no secret that Texans aren’t super fond of the folks from up north in Oklahoma. We make sure everyone knows about it.

6 – How much we love guns



The gun debate has been in the national spotlight a lot lately and Texans have been very vocal about letting folks know where Texas stands on the issue, as if anyone needed reminding.

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