Annoying Things People Who Aren’t From Texas Do

4. They Say “You’s Guys”


I don’t need to say much about this. “You’s guys” is annoying. There’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Use yall. If ya don’t, you’re annoying the heck out of us Texans.


3. They Think Texas Is A State


The rest of the country is mistaken about Texas’ status in the Union. We’re the boss-hoss. We were a country once and can be again. Texas is just “on loan” to the United States to help balance out the map. In reality, we’re our own country where we do things the way we see fit. The only kind of state Texas is, is a state of mind.

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2. They Think In-N-Out Is Better Than Whataburger



All y’all non-Texans need to understand one thing. We’ve got a ton of oil here in Texas. Anything we deem “A Texas Treasure” has got to be worth A LOT to catch our eye. In-N-Out is NOT better than Whataburger. It annoys me that yall think it does. The only thing In-N-Out is good for is helping to identify you non-Texans.

1. They Ask Us If We Ride Horses To School And Work


If one more non-Texan asks me if I ride a horse to school or work, I’m gonna blow my top. Of course I ride a horse to work. What the hell else would I ride? A Segway?

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