Annoying Things People Who Aren’t From Texas Do

8. They Think They Can BBQ


Just because you own a Weber grill does not make you a BBQ pitmaster. Basting BBQ sauce on drumsticks over a fire that’s too dang hot does not make you a BBQ pitmaster. Cooking with a propane grills DEFINITELY does not make you a BBQ pitmaster. That title is reserved for people who know how to use Post Oak to build a fire that cooks meats to perfection over the course of many tedious hours.

I understand that the rest of the country thinks they can make good BBQ, but when it comes to talkin’ brass tacks, the rest of the country doesn’t hold a flame to the meat masterpieces that our pitmasters make. See for yourself.


7. They Say “Hi”


Via reLAX

Howdy is friendly. Howdy is awesome. Howdy is the Texas way. You don’t have to live in the country to use it. It’s easy. Try it. How – dee. How – dee. Howdy. See? That wasn’t so hard no was it? Now why on earth would anyone say “hi” instead of “howdy”? Your guess is as good as mine.


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6. They Love Vegetarian Options


As I mentioned before, we love BBQ. We love protein. Long story short, we like eating meat. Zoos are where we put all of the animals that we don’t like to deep fry, smoke, or bake. If that’s not your thing, then you’re probably not from here.


5. They Fake Bake


Folks who aren’t from here don’t get enough sun. I understand why. Who would want to go outside if you lived in New Jersey? Seriously. They see pictures of our beautiful Texas tans and want to look like us. What do they do? They fake bake.

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