14 Texas Cities and Words Everyone Says Wrong

6. Bowie


Jim Bowie died in the Alamo for Texas. The least people can do for him is to pronounce his name correctly. According to the NC State map above, at least Texans get it mostly right. Well I’m here to tell you that it is NOT Bow – ee. Let’s not get it mostly right. Let’s get it right right.

  • Boo – eee
  • B – ew – ee
  • Bowie

Jim Bowie didn’t sacrifice his life at the Alamo for all you city slickers to go around mixing up his name with David Bowie. Do him a favor and stop.

5. New Braunfels, TX

Do you see an “s” in the middle of Braunfels? Me either. Please stop putting one there when you say it folks.

Say it with me now slowly one at a time.

  • New Br – awn – full – s
  • New Br – on – full – s
  • New Br – ahn – full – s
  • New Braunfels

That wasn’t so hard was it?

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4. Boerne, TX

Boerne may not be as big of a Texas city as New Braunfels, but it still doesn’t mean we can go around mistreating the name of this little town. With the way people butcher this name, you’d think Jason Bourne’s family had founded it.

Here’s your lesson.

  • Burn – knee
  • Burr – nee
  • B – urn – eeeee
  • Boerne

Congratulations. You’re now one step closer to speaking Texan a little better.

3. Guadalupe

Now this is one that I let slide because it sounds cool even when said with it’s Spanglish pronunciation. It’s the name of one of the greatest rivers in the world and nearly every town in this state has a street named after it. Guad-a-loop is a popular word with us Texans. If you want to get particular though and say it correctly during your next Spanish class or get extra cred with your Hispanic friends, follow my pronunciation chart below.

  • Gua-ca-mole (Sorry, I was hungry)
  • Gua – dah – loo – pay
  • Gua – duh – loo – pe
  • Guad – ul – oopay
  • Guadalupe

This lesson qualifies as 3 credits of High School Spanish in the state of Texas.

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