14 Texas Cities and Words Everyone Says Wrong

10. Bexar County

This one always cracks me up. Newcomers see it and immediately screw it up. It’s not Bex- arrr. It’s really pretty easy, if not very obvious.

  • Bay – err
  • Bear
  • Bexar

9. Kuykendahl Road in Houston, TX

Folks in Houston know that there’s a lot of debate about how to say Kuykendahl. It looks like Koy – ken – doll, or maybe coo – ken – dall. Well I’m here to tell you that, that is in fact wrong. Jeff Nusser has proof that this is how it is pronounced. Get it right yall!

  • Kerr – ken – doll
  • Cur – ken – dahl
  • Kirk – en – doll
  • Kuykendahl

Mystery solved and argument over yall. Now let’s all take a drive down Kuykendahl road and live happily ever after knowing that we can actually say that word correctly.

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8. Study Butte, Tx

Study Butte is a tiny village/ghost town in West Texas just outside of Big Bend. Given the small population, it’s no surprise that few people know how to say its name very well. It may not make sense, but it sounds cool.

  • Stew – dee B – yewt
  • Stu – dee Bewt
  • Study Butte

7. Humble, TX

There’s nothing “humble” about Humble, TX. To say it right, you have to say it wrong. Drop the H and say it right y’all.

  • Uh – mm – bull
  • Um – bull
  • Humble
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