6 Must See Central Texas Dance Halls

Central Texas is home to many dance halls, some more famous than others. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Albert Dance Hall – Albert / Stonewall, TX

Albert Dance Hall Exterior

The 88 year old Albert Dance Hall is situated on RR 1623 about halfway between Johnson City and Fredericksburg, TX. It has a recently renovated ice house and plenty of shaded drinkin’ spots outside.

Albert Dance Hall Exterior

Being situated in the middle of wine and hill country, it’s a favorite stopping spot for folks lookin’ to enjoy the sights and views of central Texas. Its proximity to another famous dancehall on our list means that it sometimes get’s skipped over on trips to the area by tourists. Don’t make that same mistake.

Albert Dance Hall Interior

Of course, it’s a fantastic dance hall above all. Unlike some of the other halls we’ll get to on our list, they don’t pack this place full to the point that you can’t dance. On any given Saturday night, there’s plenty of space to spin and twirl to the great country music that they book.

Albert Dance Hall Interior

More Info: Albert Dance Hall

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2. Gruene Hall – Gruene, TX

Gruene Hall

Photo by Nicolas Henderson

Gruene Hall is probably the most famous dance hall on our list. Built in 1876, it’s the oldest continually running hall in the State, and has earned a heck of a lot of notoriety because of it. Not to mention, it’s also right next to the delicious Grist Mill restaurant. The village of Gruene is located on the outskirts of New Braunfels. George Strait and many other famous country musicians have walked its stage too.

Gruene Hall Interior

Photo by Boz Bros

During the day it’s a great place to stop in and cool your heels with a cold beer. There is music nightly, with weekend shows being considerably more packed than the rest. If you prefer something more wholesome, then Gospel music on Sundays may be your best bet.

If you’re planning on attending on a weekend night, it’s best to buy tickets ahead of time through their site. Often times it’s standing room only.

More Info: Gruene Hall

3. Old Coupland Inn & Dance Hall – Coupland, TX


Photo by thewenlis

Built in 1904, the Old Coupland Dance Hall and Inn has served several purposes over the years. Nowadays though, situated about 30 miles northeast of Austin, it’s a great spot to catch country music on a Saturday night.


Photo by Jay B Sauceda

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, you can stay at the Bed and Breakfast upstairs, have dinner in the restaurant, and then two step the night away in the historic dance hall.

More Info: Old Coupland Inn & Dance Hall

4. Luckenbach TX – Southeast of Fredericksburg, TX

Luckenbach Post Office

Photo by Gino

Luckenbach, Texas is a little Texas hamlet south east of Fredericksburg, Texas. The post office no long receives mail, but it does serve cold beer in the back. Bought by Hondo Crouch in 1970, he turned this little village in to a place where “everybody’s somebody”. Made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnics, it has a solid place in Texas folklore.

Luckenbach Hall

Photo by Vicki Gibson

Of course the dance hall is one of the finest in the state. Most nights of the week there is a band playing for free. Grab yourself a cold one from the Post Office and head over for the cozy dance hall’s shows. During the winter, make sure to bundle up or you’ll find yourself spending the whole night out by the fire.

Luckenbach Picking Circle

Photo by Gino

Throughout the week you’ll find folks in the post office around the pickin’ circle where local singer songwriters from central Texas trading stories, beers, and songs. There’s a wood fire stove in the center of the room that still gets plenty of use in the winter and an almost endless supply of beer to warm you up.

More Information: Luckenbach Texas

5. Kendalia Halle – Kendalia, TX


Photo by mlhradio

Kendalia Hall is located about 25 miles northeast of Boerne, Tx. Built in 1903 by local settlers, over the years it has many-a-country star on its stage. Dale Watson and Gary P Nunn play there regularly.


It was renovated recently so there are plenty of places to enjoy a cold beer in the shade and of course plenty of space to two step with your favorite partner.

More Information: Kendalia Halle

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6. The Broken Spoke – Austin, TX

The Broken Spoke

Photo by John Rogers

George Strait is so big nowadays it’s hard to imagine him every playing in any little honky tonks, but back in his early days he and his Ace In The Hole band played the Broken Spoke in Austin, Texas many times. Built by James White in 1964, he and his wife are still in attendance almost every night.

The Broken Spoke

Photo by Charlie Llewellin

There are two step lessons Wednesday – Saturday from 8-9 PM so if you’re lookin’ to learn, this is a great place to do so. There’s never a drought of good dancers, so even if you need a good leader to show ya, just stand by the dance floor and you’ll be asked to dance soon enough.

The Broken Spoke

Photo by Paul

Of course, it wouldn’t be a great honky tonk and dance hall if it weren’t for plenty of seating and cold beer to go around. If you’re lookin’ to sit close to the dance floor, I recommend getting there early for the more popular bands as tables can go fast.

The Broken Spoke

Photo by Angi English

Did I mention that they also happen to be open for lunch and dinner during the day as well? Aside from the cold beer, you can find great chicken fried steaks, burgers, and steaks. It’s a one stop shop for a Texas Saturday night.