10 Signs It’s Summer In Texas

With as hot as it gets in Texas, sometimes it’s hard to tell when it’s REALLY summer. Here are 10 signs that it is.

10. When metal slides go from “fun” to “frightening”


For a few months out of the year, these are actually pretty fun. But come summer time, you won’t catch a single kid who volunteers to slide down one of these willingly. If you don’t know why, you ain’t a Texan.

9. Hot water comes out of both faucets


When it’s so hot outside that even the pipes buried in the ground can’t keep the cold water from approaching boiling temperature, you know it’s summertime.

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8. People won’t stop talking about the heat


Summer in Texas has neverĀ notĀ come around, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise how hot it is. Despite that, people still can’t help but bring it up.

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