20 Things Texans Like To Talk About All The Time

Texans love to talk. Specifically we love to talk about these 20 things all the time.

20 – Seceding From The United States


Don’t test us America. We talk about seceding from the Union all the time because we have no problem doing it. We were our own country once, and we’re just reminding you that we could be one again.

19 – How quickly the weather changes


Speaking of how hot it is. Did we mention that the weather here is crazy and changes all the dang time? Well if you didn’t know, we’ll remind you several times in the future.

18 – How excited and surprised we are it is raining


It’s rained so little recently that when it rains it’s all we can talk about. We are literally so surprised that we have to let everyone else know that it is raining, including other people who live close by and are also experiencing the same rain.

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17 – Dr Pepper

Dr. Pepper

Photo by Anyjazz65

We still can’t believe that there are places in this country that don’t serve Dr Pepper.

16 – How weird Austin is


Why ride a bike that is too dang tall to use practically? Because it’s weird and it’s Austin yall. That’s why.


People say Austin is losing its “weird” touch, but in my opinion a guy riding a bike and a g-string is plenty weird.

15 – That if you haven’t seen Friday Night Lights, you HAVE to see it


Via: Chris Piascik


But seriously, Friday Night Lights is awesome. You can’t get much better than a show about high school football in Texas.

14 – How bad the traffic in Austin San Antonio Houston Dallas Fort Worth every city is


We get it. Traffic is bad. Do we need to keep reminding ourselves and everyone else?

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