The 25 Things We Miss About Astroworld The Most

21. The Wagon Wheel

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Before Old Crowe Medicine Show started singing about a wagon wheel, we were getting rocked by this wagon wheel. It was the simple pleasures that this ride brought us as a kid that stick in our memories even until now.

22. The Carousel


Another one of those rides that wasn’t super advanced technologically but was enjoyable none-the-less was the old Carousel. Riding the animals as a kid, teenager, or an adult still brings back great memories of the park.


23. The Viper

The Viper wasn’t always the newest coaster, but it was always guaranteed to be a good one. It was a trustworthy coaster friend. Plus something about it having that tunnel as part of the first drop was just cool.


24. Waterworld

One of the great things about Astroworld was how close of a walk Waterworld was from the rest of the park. If you were feeling a little heated and needed to cool down, you could walk across the train tracks to the other park and cool your heels in the wave pool or plethora of other water rides.

25. The Texas Cyclone


You really can’t do a list about Astroworld and not talk about the Texas Cyclone. This coaster was built before the parked opened and was there until it closed. For part of its life it was the fastest wooden coaster in the world. Modeled after the original Coney Island Cyclone, after the park owners were unable to buy the original, in true Texas fashion they hired a company to build a bigger and better replica. The Texas Cyclone was that replica.


My favorite thing about the Texas Cyclone was how out of control it felt. You’d get a little beat up by riding it, but man was it fun.

It was a true coaster classic and is sorely missed, probably more than anything else in the park.

Of course we all felt like this when it was announced that Astroworld was going to close.


But at the end of the day, Astroworld was an amzing place and one that we’ll never forget. Thanks for the memories Astroworld. We miss you.

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