The 25 Things We Miss About Astroworld The Most

16. Riding The Train


After marching around the park all day, sometimes it was nice to take a load off and just ride the train. Aside from getting you from one side of the park to the other with ease, it was also a nice relief from the heat. It was no high speed train, but the wind and the shade helped reenergize you for the second half of your day.

17. Meeting Boys/Girls From Other Schools and Then Riding The Cable Cars


The Cable Cars were probably the first romantic thing we got to do with our date as kids. You and your childhood sweetheart could take a solo ride across the park while holding hands and enjoying the view of the Astrodome, the Medical Center, and of course Astroworld.

18. The Bamboo Chutes


Via J.Ramon

It was rickety, and it wasn’t always the prettiest ride in the world, but on a hot summer day it provided much needed relief from the hot sun. The only thing you knew you were definitely gonna get wet was your butt when you sat down in the chutes.

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19. Trying To Pull The Sword Out Of The Rock


Via Mindy_Loya

I don’t remember having a single friend who could walk by this sword without attempting to pull it out of the rock. If you walked by it, you HAD to do it to impress the other kids in your group. It was a law or something.

20. Going To Concerts In The Back Of The Park


Via Meg

My first concert was The Beach Boys when they played there when I was a kid, but over the years many acts came through and played. It was definitely a fun way to end your day at the park.

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