The 25 Things We Miss About Astroworld The Most

11. Taking Pictures With The Characters


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It didn’t matter how old you were. You couldn’t go to Astroworld without taking pictures with the Looney Tunes Characters. It was a rule.

12. The Serial Thriller


When we heard they were tearing down the Excalibur, it was a sad day in Houston. It was a good day though when they announced The Serial Thriller. It instantly became one of the most popular rides (with the longest lines). Its history was short compared to the other rides, but it was fun while it lasted.

13. Putting Pennies On Our Knees During Dungeon Drop


We were all specifically told not to do it, yet we did it anyway. We put a penny on our knee right before the ride dropped so we could see it float in midair on the way down. I don’t know anyone who actually did see their penny float, but it was fun to try none-the-less.

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14. Le Taxi


Speaking of things that were cool when you were a kiddo, getting to drive one of the antique Taxis was super cool. I remember my Dad telling me that he’d let me drive the car when I was little. I’d try to bump my car in to the car ahead of me or drive the thing off the fixed track. It was like driver’s ed on training wheels and it was awesome.

15. Ordering The Pictures



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Throughout the park, various attendees would take your picture, give you a number, and tell you to come back to the photo booth at the front of the park after 3 pm to get your picture. Before the days of iPhones and Point and Shoot Digital cameras, this was the only “instagram” we had and it was great.

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