Police Officer Tripping Texas High School Students

A police officer trips and grabs students as they celebrate a high school soccer game in Georgetown, TX.

Vandegrift High School, The Lady Vipers, played an emotional soccer game against Wylie East High School this past Saturday. The two teams met at a Georgetown school district athletic complex for the state championship. The Lady Vipers came out victorious with their very first state title and when the celebration started, the madness began.

George Bermudez, a Georgetown Police Officer attended the game to provide extra security for the championship; however, when a group of ecstatic students started to run onto the field they were caught by surprise. A video captures the officer tripping a student in pink shorts with a white polo. As the video continues you can see officer Bermudez grab another student and push him away.

After the video went viral The Georgetown Department took notice after parents complained about the officer’s action. Bermudez has been placed on administrative leave with pay. KVUE has the full statement from The Georgetown Police Department Police Chief Wayne Nero on the behavior of Officer Bermudez.

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