19 Foods That Texans Can’t Live Without

11. Tortillas


In Texas, the table isn’t correctly set until this fella shows up. The flat circular corn/flour discs of deliciousness inside are one part eating utensil, one part container of awesomeness. The tortilla will sop up food and it’ll wrap up random ingredients in to an easily ingested form. Heck, it can even act as a napkin.

No Texan’s diet is complete without a healthy helping of tortillas. Corn or flour, tortillas are good at any hour.

Speaking of tortillas…

10. Tacos


Tortillas may act as an eating utensil, but they also form the basis for one of the greatest foods of all time: the Taco. The answer to “what should we eat” should always be “tacos”.

The beauty of the taco is in it’s configurability. A taco can be loaded. A taco can be skimpy. A taco can be fajita. A taco can be barbacoa. Heck a taco can be nothin’ but beans, cheese, and rice if you wanted. A taco can be whatever you need it to be right then and there. They’re portable, they’re easy to figure out, and most importantly they’re plentiful in Texas. Throw a rock in any direction and you’ll hit a taqueria in this state.

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9. Breakfast Tacos


Breakfast tacos require their own category because of their importance. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day which may be why our dish of choice is a variation on the taco. Oh it’s breakfast time? Just swap out the fajitas for bacon, egg, cheese, and salsa. Bam. Your taco just became breakfast. Oh you’re in a rush? No worries. Dang near every taqueria in this state serves them all day so you can grab one on the go.

8. Basically Everything At Whataburger


When they say “just like you like it” they mean it at Whataburger. Oh you want a single chicken strip to put in your taquito? No problem. You want literally every condiment they have on your burger? You got it.

Speaking of condiments, they don’t just have Ketchup. They’ve got Fancy ketchup. It’s so good they’ve bottled it and partnered with HEB to sell the stuff to us hungry Texans. There is literally no fast food restaurant that cares more about you than Whataburger. None. They love you that much Texas.

7. Shiner Beer


Image Via: Ski Shores

As the old saying goes, there’s nothin’ finer than an ice cold Shiner. That little brewery in Shiner, TX has been pumpin’ out beers for us thirsty Texans for a long time. They even make a variety for us to choose from. There are so many homesick Texans up in New York who’ve been begging for it that they finally started shipping and selling it up in the land of Yankees.

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