19 Foods That Texans Can’t Live Without

14. Texas BBQ


Other states may have their “specialty” BBQ, but Texas is king of them all. If you want smoked turkey, we’ve got it. Want sausage? You’re covered. Brisket? You don’t even have to ask. Heck, the National Magazine of Texas even built an entire website devoted to our sacred food. We’ll literally take any part of the cow you’ve got and smoke it to perfection.

BBQ in other states just does not compare. We have perfected the art to a point that it’s almost unfair to compare our food to the sorry excuse for smoked meats that other states try to produce. Sorry America. Just because you own a smoker that you bought at Home Depot and a bag of mesquite chips does not make you a BBQ pro. Leave it to the professionals, better known as Texans.

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13. Dr Pepper


Few beverages are as revered as our beloved Dr Pepper. Invented in the 1880’s in Waco, TX it is one of the most refreshing a delicious things you will ever taste. It’s so beloved in Texas that there’s nothing more disappointing for a Texan than asking for a Dr Pepper and being told that a restaurant only has Mr. Pibb. Face it America. Mr. Pibb is no substitution for the real Texan drink.

12. Ranch Dressing


There is only one dipping sauce that is universally accepted for 99.9% of all food items in the state of Texas: Ranch dressing. The folks out in California may have invented the stuff, and God Bless em for it, but this condiment is king on the Texas lunch and dinner table. I’ll dip pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, Texas toast, and dang near any other edible item in it.

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