Annoying Things People Who Aren’t From Texas Do

Non-Texans can do some things that really get under my skin. These are the 11 most annoying things they do.


11. Calling Their Coke “Pop”


Via Forgiven and Found

Nothing is more annoying than referring to Coke as “pop”. It’s called soda. It’s called Coke. It’s called Big Red. It’s called Dr Pepper. It’s not called “pop”. If you want to call it that, you can show yourself the door back to New York or Portland.


10. Complaining About The Heat


We get it. You’re not used to the heat. But seriously, yall complain too much about 80 and 90 degree weather. In August, we’d give our left leg for a 90 degree day. Heck, go to Houston where the humidity is practically 150% and then tell me you know what “hot” is.


You Arizonans and Californians get an honorable mention award. But, I’ve still heard plenty of yall complain too.


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9. They Talk Funny

Texans don’t talk funny. Non-Texans do. This video pretty much sums up exactly how I think anyone who isn’t from Texas sounds. The Texas accent, or “Texas Twang”, sounds cool. If you don’t have it, well, you might as well be in the movie Fargo.


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