8 Warning Labels That All Us Texans Should Have To Wear

Us Texans are a fine group of people, but I’m beginning to think that the reason so many folks from other places is because they’re just not being warned about how to deal with us. I’m proposing that we begin to wear a few warning labels that will help them understand how best to avoid injury while in our presence.



511a42abb6f2df6f76c4c57f382a94cbTexans are good at a lot of things. Just ask us and we’ll list off a literal ton of things that we’re better than you at. One thing that won’t be on that list though is the ability to function around rain or snow. We see it so rarely that we lose the use of almost all motor skills.


Texans can be an excitable group of individuals. In general, doing things like jumping out of dark corners while yelling, “surprise” are not advisable. Not everyone in this state carries, but a heck of a lot do and we’ve got pretty good aim.

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We all know us Texans love tellin’ stories. Sometimes those stories are true. Sometimes they’re “stretched truths” aka “BS”. Us Texans understand it and don’t really have a problem seeing our way through the piles of it. All the foreigners who don’t understand that could use the helping hand of this caution.


Danger-Signs-01913-lgI understand that us Texans are really attractive. It’s a fact of life. In fact, one of the laws of physics states that, “any matter taking the form of a Texan is highly flammable”, or something like that. If you’re planning on gettin’ “chummy” with any Texan. Just be aware of this fact and be ready to be burned.


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