14 Texas Cities and Words Everyone Says Wrong

2. Waxahachie, TX

To be fair, most people unfairly just know this city by the roadside sign they pass when driving between Dallas and Austin. Often times I hear folks pronouncing it Wax – ahachie. You may be saying to yourself, “well it sure looks like Wax – ahachie to me” and you’d be right. It does look like that. But it sounds like this.

  • Walks – uh – hatch – ee
  • Wox – uh – hat – chee
  • Wocks – uh – hatch – ee
  • Waxahachie


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1. Whataburger

Newcomers to Texas ALWAYS mispronounce the name of our beloved fast food restaurant Whataburger. Heck, even Whataburger’s commercials say it What – a – burger. Real Texans understand two things about Whataburger; the menu is only for non-Texans, because real Texans already know what they want, and it’s pronounced like this:

  • Watt – er – burr – gurr
  • Wat – er – burg – er
  • Waterburger

For formality’s sake, you can continue to write it as Whataburger so you don’t confuse all the newcomers to Texas in to thinking we’re eating some kind of Waterburgers. Just know that if you pronounce it What – a – burger, you may be mistaken for a Yankee, or worse, a Californian.

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