30 Signs You Grew Up In Texas

21. You knew more about gun use and safety at age 9 than folks in other states know at age 79


Gun safety is the most important part of gun ownership. With a state that exercises the right to bear arms as much as ours, most of us learned a lot about it as children.


22. You would terrorize other children by putting these down their shirts


June bugs are hilarious. They seem to have the worst sight in the insect world. They bounce around randomly and bump in to nearly everything, which makes them the perfect terrorizing insect as a kid.


23. You have manners


Before spankin’ your kids was politically incorrect, some of us had one, or two, or three red bottoms growing up. It has translated to us having manners and knowing how to mind our parents. We say yes ma’am/sir, no ma’am/sir, and please/thank you.


24. You’ve heard of “Ima” and “Ura” Hogg


A lot of folks have heard about Governor Hogg who named his two girls Ima and Ura. Most folks believe the story to be true. Well, it’s only kinda true. There was an Ima Hogg, but she never had a sister named Ura. Regardless of what’s true or not, it’s a sure sign you’ve grown up in Texas if you’ve heard it.


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25. You were terrified of the Chupacabra


The one sure-fire way my parents could scare me in to acting right, was to talk about the Chupacabra. That weird mythical creature scared me a heck of a lot more than a whoopin’ did.


26. You recognize this


This little book was the first step in getting your license to drive for a long time. Unfortunately they recently changed the cover.


27. Pickles and Pickle Juice are some of your favorite snacks


I don’t know what it was about pickles, but any time we needed a snack, pickles were the first choice of a lot of us.


28. Going to Schlitterbahn during the summer was like going to Disney World


Disney World doesn’t have anything on Schlitterbahn. Miles upon miles of water rides and outdoor carpet…yes, green outdoor carpet, made it a summer time oasis for us Texans who grew up here.


29. Friday Night Lights is like one long flashback to your days in high school


Watching this TV show is seriously like watching home movies of our high school years.


30. You could play with your Christmas presents outside because, well…Texas weather is always hot


One fact of life in this state is that the weather is super unpredictable. Despite that, if you’re a bettin’ person you can bet on it being warmer than usual. December is one month that falls in that category. It might randomly get cold, or rain, but it’s generally always warmer than you’d expect, which means your parents could buy you things that you could enjoy outside, and you’d actually get to try them out that day.

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