30 Signs You Grew Up In Texas

11. You learned about this in school


Texas History is amazing. It’s a story of freedom and awesomeness. If you grew up in Texas I don’t need to tell you that though. You already know.


12. This was your reaction when your Mom or Dad brought home Whataburger


Seriously though. Who the heck wants McDonalds? Gross.


13. Against the wishes of your parents, you had a collection of these


Having a collection of Whataburger numbers is part of being Texan. Just don’t tell Whataburger I told you that.


14. This was your parents’ idea of a baby swing


Texans are problem solvers, which is why this swing just makes sense. When you’re not driving the truck around, it’s just sitting there not being used. Why not use it as a swing?



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15. You were always jealous that you never got to build a real snowman as a kid


This is about as close as you’ll get to a real snowman, unless you live in the Panhandle.


16. You heard the story about the school bus and train accident and the supposed haunting


We all heard it as a kid. A school bus stalled out on some train tracks. A train was coming. It hit the school bus and killed all of the children instantly. Now, if you go park on the train tracks at night, the ghosts of the children will push you across. It’s been studied by ghost hunters, and regular folks alike. I heard the story as a kid, and so has everyone else¬†who grew up here.


17. You still have nightmares of sliding down one of these during the summer with shorts on


3rd. Degree. Burns. Metal slides should seriously be banned in this state.


18. You can’t believe people in other states don’t do Homecoming Mums


Yeah. It’s true. Texas is pretty much the only place that does mums. Let it soak in. It was devastating to hear when I found out too.


19. You know how un-fun it is to have a tube that is too big for you


If you grew up in Texas, you probably spent some time in a tube floatin’ down a river, which means you know how un-fun it is to be in an adult sized tube as a kiddo. You spend the whole day makin’ sure your rear doesn’t scrape rocks.


20. Your parents have pulled over and made you take a picture in a field of these


Bluebonnets are as Texas as Pecan Pie and George Strait, which means when they start sproutin’ up, our parents LOVE to make us take pictures in them.


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