30 Reasons Texas Is Amazing and Your State Sucks

We understand that not everyone can be as proud of their state as Texans. In fact, we know 30 reasons why that’s the case.

30. George Strait was born here

George Strait

The King of Country Music hails from Poteet, Texas. Even after all these years of fame and fortune, he’s only moved a little way up the road to San Antonio. Sorry he wasn’t born in your state. Sucks for you. (Photo by¬†William Toti)

29. Yes, We Do Ride Horses To Work


We don’t HAVE to ride horses to work and school, but if we wanted to, we could, and sometimes we do.

28. “Anything for Selenas”

Selena was the Queen of Tejano music in the 90’s and helped bring Texas culture in to the national spotlight. Not only is this clip amazing, it accurately shows that any of us would pull of our bumper for “Selenas”.

27. The Astrodome

The 8th Wonder of the World, the Astrodome, was built in Houston and opened in 1965. It was the world’s first domed stadium and has been home to various historical events including Muhammad Ali matches and WWE events. It’s cool that yall have domed stadiums in your state now, but what took yall so long?

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26. Jerry World


Speaking of stadiums, Cowboys Stadium is the world’s largest column free enclosed space and has the world’s 4th largest display screen. Yeah, it’s amazing.

25. Nolan Ryan Can Beat Up Your Entire State


In 1993, after Robin Ventura charged the mound, Nolan Ryan who was 20 years older, put him in a headlock and proceeded to show him the true meaning of “Don’t Mess With Texas”. Nolan Ryan did it to Robin Ventura, and he can sure as hell do it to you.

24. The First Word Broadcast From The Moon Was “Houston”


When Neil Armstrong was ready to let folks know what’s goin’ on up there on the Moon, he didn’t call California or New Jersey. He definitely didn’t reach out to Oklahoma. He called Houston. That’s why your state sucks and Texas is badass.

23. Julio’s Chips and Salsa is from Texas


In your state, chips and salsa suck. Wanna no why? Because they’re not Julio’s. No, Cheddar Cheese Doritos don’t count. Oh you don’t even have chips and salsa because you live way the hell up north? Definitely sucks to be you and your state.

22. Unsweetened Tea Is For Communists


I don’t know where you’re from, but round here, tea is sweet. If it ain’t, it ain’t welcome in Texas.

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