20 Signs You’re In The Rio Grande Valley

16. You can’t buy nice Christmas decorations for your house because you know they’ll get stolen


The sad truth about Christmas decorations in the Valley is that you can’t put anything up nice in your yard because it’ll probably “grow some legs” and disappear by the time you wake up. My family has lost several years worth of Christmas decorations to some shady Valley folk.

17. People believe in “Ojo” and know other people who can cure it with an egg

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.12.29 PM

You’ve had this happen to you, or you’ve said it so someone:

“Pues, pienso que I was gonna give you ojo, so I had to come touch your arm”


18. Quinceañeras are bigger and more elaborate than weddings


In the Valley, celebrating your daughter’s fifteenth birthday has become such a big deal, that now quinceañeras are getting bigger budgets than most Valley weddings. From choreographed dances to super expensive dresses, if you go to a quince that costs as much as a luxury vehicle, then you’re in the Valley.


19. People who weren’t invited to weddings and quinceañeras show up and no one cares


In the Valley, if there’s an event going on at the local KC or Veteranos then everyone’s “invited”. No, they weren’t invited per se, but they’ll come anyway. Take this guy on the right, after a long night dancing Tejano at the San Benito KC hall, he showed up. Just kidding, he’s my cousin Peter. But either way, there are always people who didn’t get the real invite.


20. Ya “guey!”


This requires no explanation. If you don’t understand, you’re not in the Valley.


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