20 Signs You’re In The Rio Grande Valley

11. You see Tom Landry and Freddy Fender memorials

FreddyFenderTearDropFallsSanBenito206KRudine Unknown

Mission, TX and San Benito, TX produced some pretty famous and amazing talents. If you seen shrines and memorials to them, you know you’re en el Valle.


12. Signs are written in spanglish

Art-walk-Pho-and-Bass-Pro-045 Spanglish-Ad-spanglish-32056604-500-375

We speak English. We speak Spanish. Why not mix both and speak Spanglish? Sure thing. We’re in the Valley. Whether you’re white, Tejano, or Mexican, you’ll understand the signs if they’re in the Texas Spanglish language. If you can speak it, you’re considered bilingual.


13. When people invite you to a party they ask you to bring your own “shares” (chairs)


There’s nothing like a backyard party in the Valley. Someone man’s the grill, everyone brings their own beer, and you definitely bring your own “shares” (chairs) for a long night of drinking, singing Chente, and having a good RGV time.


14. People don’t do Jager bombs, they do Bandera shots


Fresh squeezed lime juice, tequila, and sangrita make for one enjoyable shot. In the Valley we celebrate our brown and proud roots with the Mexican flag inspired Bandera shot.


15. You can buy breakfast for everyone for less than 2 dollars


My favorite panaderia in the Valley is in San Benito where my Dad grew up and my family still lives. I love going there to buy a big bag of pan dulce for 2 or 3 bucks and feeding my entire family. It’s a Valley classic.


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