20 Signs That You’re Definitely A Texan

14. If you can’t believe that other states pay income tax


Texas only has to pay federal income taxes. We’re spared the burden of having to also pay our state a big chunk of our income too. If you find it hard to fathom that anyone would have to give MORE of what they make, then you are definitely a Texan.

15. If you think Texas shaped things taste better, because well, they do

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Texans know that anything Texas shaped is better than non-Texas shaped stuff. That includes food. If it’s possible to make our food Texas shaped, we know it’ll make it taste better. It’s a fact.

16. If when the rest of the country complains about a heat wave, you tell them to quit complainin’


If you spend most of the summer laughing at the news reports about the “heat waves” they’re enduring, you’re definitely a Texan.

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17. If you or someone you know has ever lost a cooler full of beers or been stuck in the whirlpool here


If you’ve ever floated the Comal river and lost sunglasses, a cooler of beer, your tube, your top, or gotten stuck in the whirlpool, you’re definitely a Texan. This trap gets us all.

18. If when traveling outside of Texas, you meet a fellow Texan, and then are immediately friends


Texas is one big family of queso lovin’, chivalry practicin’, friend makin’ family. When we travel “abroad” (outside of state lines) we look for fellow Texans where we can. When we find one, we’re instant friends. If that describes you, you’re definitely a Texan.

19. You tell people who aren’t from Texas, “it’s a Texas thing, you wouldn’t understand” when they ask about the state


People from outside of Texas try to understand our way of life all the time. We know that they’re not gonna just “get it” that easily, so sometimes it’s easier to just say “it’s a Texas thang y’all”. If you do, you’re definitely a Texan.

20. You’ve got Texas in your soul


If when you travel, all you do is think about all the Texas you’re missing out on by not being there, you’ve got Texas in your soul, which means you’re definitely a Texan.

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