20 Signs That You’re Definitely A Texan

7. You’re more interested in fancy trucks than fancy cars


If this is what you have in mind when you think “luxury vehicle” then you’re probably a Texan.

8. You refer to all sodas as “Cokes”, but clarify specifically when you want a Dr Pepper


In Texas, all “sodas” are called cokes. When someone asks what kind of Coke you want, you can specify if needed. But never call a Dr Pepper a Coke. It is not a coke, it is the king of cokes. It is Dr Pepper. It has a PHD in flavor.

Absolutely do not confuse the uneducated Mr Pibb with Dr Pepper though. Mr. Pibb is an impostor who has been trying to pass himself off as a Dr for a long time.

9. You skip the “g” at the end of most words


If you casually just throw out the “g” at the end of most words, then you’re definitely a Texan.

10. You measure distance in time, not miles


Driving in Texas is driving for an eternity. Everything is so far apart that we skip the concern over the actual distance and instead just worry about the time it’ll take.

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11. If you judge people based on if their high school was 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a, or 1a


High school size is a matter of pride in this state. If you’ve ever judged someone based on the size of theirs, you’re probably a Texan.

12. If you’ve ever eaten Twang pickle salt out of the palm of your hand


It’s a rite of passage as a kid to endure palm-fulls of twang pickle salt. We’d go to the corner store and grab a few packets or a cylinder of the good stuff and enjoy the sour snack inside by the mound.

13. If You’ve Ever Drank Pickle Juice Out Of The Jar


Speaking of pickles, the only thing better than enjoying a Best Maid or Del Dixie pickle is drinking the juice out of the jar. If you’ve ever done that (you know who you are) then you might be a Texan.

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