20 Signs That You’re Definitely A Texan

You’re definitely a Texan if any of these 20 signs describe you.

1. You freak out if it rains


It’s rained so rarely here in Texas the last couple of years that we all freak out when it rains. It’s a mixture of joy and excitement that we just can’t contain.

2. When it’s summer, you want winter, and when it’s winter you want summer


During the winter we yearn for the heat of the summer. We get tired of the “cold” and want nothing more than for us to have a 90 degree day so we can float the river. When that 90 degree day finally arrives, we’re happy for all of 5 minutes before it hits 100 degrees, at which point we reminisce about those “frigid” 40 degree winter days.

3. “Yall”


Folks in other parts of the south may also use “y’all”, but when we’re traveling abroad, nothin’ gives away a Texan like that word. No one hears someone use it and ask “oh you’re from Mississippi?” When they hear it, they immediately assume you’re a Texan. It’s also about a thousand times better than saying “you guys”.

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4. Nothing scares you more than a broken A/C


Texans understand that a broken A/C in a car or home is like a death sentence in this state. If you start getting super paranoid that your A/C is about to go out, you might be a Texan.

5. You Won’t Stop At Any Gas Station That Isn’t Named Buc-ee’s


True Texans have high standards when it comes to rest stops. When you’re on a long drive (and we know the drives in Texas are looooooong) nothing excites us more than seeing a glowing beaver sign off on the horizon. If the only toilet you’ll use is a Buc-ee’s toilet, you might be a Texan.

6. You understand that shaded parking = good parking


When it’s summertime in Texas, the most valuable parking spots are the ones in the shade. To the average person, this just looks like a parking lot. To a Texan, this looks like a bunch of smart individuals who know the ins and outs of summertime heat and what it can do to a car.

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