20 Reasons Texas Women Are Better Than Regular Women

5. They Can Drink You Under The Table


Texas girls keep it classy, but they also know how to party. Watch out for any drinking challenges from a Texas girl. You’re liable to get outdrank if you accept one.

4. The Only Thing That Can Improve The Texas Flag, Is For A Texas Girl To Wear One

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The Texas flag is badass already, but slap one on a pretty Texas lady, and you’ve got trouble.

3. They Aren’t Oklahoma Girls


They aren’t from Oklahoma. On the list of things I DON’T want in a Texas woman, is for her to be from Oklahoma.

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2. They Put Up With Texas Men


It takes a person with superhuman powers to put up with Texas men sometimes all the time. Texas women are practically super heroes for being up for the job.

1. No Matter What, They Are Always True To Themselves


It doesn’t matter what situation you put a Texas girl in, she’ll always be true to herself. As the old saying goes, “you can take a girl out of Texas, but you’ll never take the Texas out of the girl.”

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