20 Reasons Texas Women Are Better Than Regular Women

10. Sundresses and Cowboy Boots


Every winter, guys in Texas aren’t ready for the weather to warm up because we like the heat. We’re ready for it to warm up because it means that Texas girls will start wearing their boots and sundresses. It’s probably the greatest combination of clothing ever.

9. Unlike The Girls In California, Texas Girls Understand The Rules of Football


As a guy, nothin’ is better than watching some football with your girl if she actually knows what’s going on. Thankfully for us, the girls in Texas to. Unfortunately for the guys in California, their girls don’t.

8. Texas Girls Are Tough



Don’t Mess With Texas Women is a good rule of thumb for conducting yourself in Texas. The women here may look pretty and gentle, but they’ll turn on ya the second you act the wrong way. Do yourself a favor and don’t test them.

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7. They Think Trucks Are Sexy


In Texas, girls like trucks. That’s reason enough alone to love Texas girls.

6. Seriously, Don’t Mess With Texas Women


I would like to reiterate. Don’t Mess With Texas Women. Like ever. Pretty much all of them know own guns and know how to use them.

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