20 Reasons Texas Women Are Better Than Regular Women

Texas women are just like regular women, only better. Here are the 20 reasons why.

20. They have More State Pride Than Average Girls


When you hear a Texas girl talk, don’t ask them if they’re “from the south”. They’re not from the West, North, South, or East. That accent you hear is from Texas. Don’t confuse it with anywhere else or you might be corrected in the “rough” way.

19. They Have A Great Sense Of Style


Texas girls are a little bit classy and a little bit country, and they know how to dress appropriately. Camo or couture, girls know how to fit in.

18. All of George Strait’s Exes Live in Texas


If there’s anyone that knows what it means to be Texan, it’s George Strait. And if all of his exes live in Texas, it means Texas girls are the only ones he’s found that are up to snuff.

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17. Behind Every Strong Texas Man Is a Strong, More Likeable Texas Girl



Texas has produced two United States Presidents (three if you count President Eisenhower who was born in Denison, TX but grew up outside of TX); one Democrat and one Republican. Both Dubya and LBJ were controversial Presidents in their time, but at the end of the day, everyone agreed that they had beautiful, smart, wives who kept them in line. They may have been President, but we all know who the boss of the White House was.

16. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders


Do I really need to explain?

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