18 Struggles All Texans Will Understand

6. Having to Keep Summer and Winter Clothes Out All “Winter”


This might be one of the hardest things about being Texan. The season of “Really Hot” just left and we’ve moved on to the season of “Cold Fronts”. The problem is these “cold fronts” don’t last. So, our closets and dresser drawers are at constant max capacity! We have to be bundled in ALL of the layers one day, and ready to bust out our shorts and flip-flops the next.


5. That Burn in Your Eyes (and other areas of your body) After Slicing Jalapeños

We wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemy! There’s nothing worse than slicing a jalapeno, forgetting you did, and then rubbing your eyes (or going to the bathroom). All the water or milk in the world won’t help ya friend. It’s just the worst. Ride it out.


4. Driving in the Rain

We don’t really like to admit it, but let’s be real. All Texans are terrible at driving in the rain. We aren’t really all that familiar with the weird wet stuff that falls from the skies occasionally, so let’s all agree that when it does, we kind of freak out. It’s terrifying and overwhelming all at the same time.


3. Dancing With Someone Who Doesn’t Know How to Two-Step

Most Texans are natural born dancers. All it takes is a little booze, a good band, and the right partner. Occasionally though, we get suckered in to dancing with a Yankee or someone from Californiaville. It’s rough – your toes get stepped on or the girl can’t follow worth a darn. But you only have to make it 3:30 minutes. You can do it y’all!


2. Texas Weather

Rain one day. Freezing the day after. A sauna the next. We can have a cold snap in early December, and then have flip-flop weather for Christmas. It’s hard to comprehend folks, and clearly Texas weather gets its kicks out of being unpredictable.


1. Explaining to People What “Ain’t Texas” Means

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As a Texan, the phrase “Ain’t Texas” is as easy to understand as 1+1=2, but the unlucky folks that live outside Texas tend to struggle with it a bit. In a nutshell here’s all you need to tell ‘em: there are two types of states in America; Texas, and all the rest that ain’t Texas.

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