18 Struggles All Texans Will Understand

Living in Texas is hard and those of us that live here know it. The struggle is real y’all.


18. Eating All the Chips and Salsa Before Your Meal Comes

The struggle is real, y’all! In Texas, chips and salsa are like water – a life necessity and in most places free. No Texan has the will power required to avoid max capacity on these delicious freebies before your meal comes out.


17. Trying to Explain “Mums” to Non-Texans


First. You have to get over the shock that not everybody does mums on homecoming. Who knew, right? Once you get passed that, explaining the Texas tradition that is homecoming mums is one tough feat. There are flowers, ribbons, bells, whistles, and that’s just the beginning! Folks in the other 49 states don’t know what they’re missing out on.


16. When Your Chip Breaks In The Queso and/or Guacamole


When a chip isn’t chip enough to pass the queso/guac dip test, it really is the ultimate let down! All chips in Texas should be required to stand up to all our delicious dips, so that no Texan ever has to suffer from this ever again.

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15. Wishing Summer Would be Over, and Then Immediately Regretting It

We’ve all been there. After four straight months of 100+ degree weather, we tend to start longing for sweater weather days. False. One strong cold front is all it takes for all Texans to IMMEDIATELY regret this decision. I guess it’s like they say, be careful what ya wish for.


14. Fighting the Urge to Pick Up Second Dinner at Whataburger at 2am


It’s that time of night. The bar shuts down, and all you can think about is ordering a number one with cheese – Whatasize the fries. You try to fight it, but, you give in. Every. Time.


13. Getting Out of Your Toob After Floating the River

You’ve been floating all day – enjoying a few beverages and floating away from friends to pee in your toob. Your exit comes up, and you end up battling just to get out of the dang toob! Then, you’re lucky if you don’t fall back in the toob once you try and stand. But hey, at least everyone next to you is fighting the same battle.

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