18 Portraits of Old School Cowboys

Most people don’t associate “poetry” with cowboys, but these are 18 real cowboys who write and recite Cowboy Poetry photographed in Alpine, TX.

18. Billy Pryor


Photo by and copyright Jay B Sauceda

Bill is a rancher who works on a ranch between Alpine and Marfa. He has a voice that gives Tom Waits’ raspy quality a run for its money.

17. Robert Chaison


Photo by and copyright Jay B Sauceda

“Vaya con dios” were his parting words when we wrapped up his portrait. He ranches in Comanche, Texas where he assures me there are very few Comanches.

16. RP Smith


Photo by and copyright Jay B Sauceda

6 kids and a cattle ranch make for one funny cowboy. His comical brand of poetry draws from the experiences you can only get while running an operation with a family that large.

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15. Ole Jim Cathey


Photo by and copyright Jay B Sauceda

Jim is quirky and funny poet who hails from Dublin, Texas.

14. Noel Loevellette


Photo by and copyright Jay B Sauceda

He’s a Cowboy for Hire. Not really “for hire” per se, but is a member of a folk cowboy band called Cowboys for Hire.

13. Ray Fitzgerald


Photo by and copyright Jay B Sauceda

Ray remembers the way things used to be. They used to just use a lasso. None of these cow chutes and technology. Things were simpler back then, and he tries to keep them simple now.

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