18 Facts About Texas That Are Absolutely Definitely True

9. Statistically you have better odds of winning the Texas Lotto than predicting the weather here


Anyone who has lived here long enough understands that the weather here moves faster than small town gossip. If you like what you’re feelin’, don’t get too comfortable because a hail storm or firestorm is coming in about 15 minutes. It’s a giant gamble every day. I don’t pray for rain. I pray for predictability.


10. It is state law that every small town in Texas has to have a Dairy Queen

They don’t call them the stop sign of Texas for nothin’. As soon as a small town is founded, they start making plans for where the Dairy Queen is gonna go. It’s the hangout spot for everyone after little league games, teenagers trying to get away from their folks, and everyone else who is tryin’ to find something to do in small town Texas.


11. Fixin’ To is the official verb of Texas

We’re fixin’ to do a lot of things in Texas. Are we “fixin’ to fix somethin'”? Sure. Are we “fixin’ to go somewhere?” Definitely. We’re fixin’ to do anything and everything. It’s official.


12. Texas is the answer to all of life’s problems

It’s no wonder why so many people come down to Texas during the winter. It sucks living up North where it’s cold. It’s no wonder why so many people are moving here from California. It sucks having to pay such high state income tax rates. It’s no wonder why Tex-Mex food is so amazing. Once Mexican food got a little Texan influence, it became even better. Texas is the answer to making everything better. You’re welcome world.


13. On the 8th day, God created Texas


You know how it goes. You always leave the best for last. God rushed through his work getting the rest of the world built in 6 days. He took Sunday off to watch a little bit of Football, because who wouldn’t? Then on Monday, he took his time perfecting the place he wanted to retire to, if he ever decided to retire. Some people call it Texas. We call it Heaven on Earth.

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14. 11 out of 10 Texans prefer Texas over any other state

You can’t argue with that many Texans. Seriously. Don’t argue with Texans. It’ll be the last mistake you’ll ever make.


15. Zoos in Texas are for all of the animals we can’t grill, smoke, or make in to jerky

We love animals. They’re great. But not all of them taste great. That’s why we have zoos. It’s where we keep all of those, less than edible animals.


16. It is state law that if it rains or snows in Texas, we must stop, take pictures of it, and freak out


A wet Texas is a crazy Texas. These days, we so rarely see rain, that when we do we kinda freak out. At the last legislative session, the powers that be in Austin decided that “freak out moment” we all go through was so Texan, it should become law. So there ya have it. Next time you see rain. Lose your mind and let everyone on social media know about it. It’s the most Texan thing you can do.


17. Being born American is called being lucky. Being born Texan is called being blessed.


Being born an American is great and all, but it’s a simple fact that being born a Texan is a blessing. If you’re one of the blessed few, you should count your lucky┬áblessed stars that you are.


18. There actually is a basement in the Alamo

Oddly enough, this is the most true fact on this entire list. Few folks know that there actually is a basement at the Alamo. Sorta. There is a lower level built underneath the current Alamo grounds where some of the offices for the Alamo management are located. PeeWee Herman himself recently got to tour it, but all these years later, his bike still isn’t there.

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