16 Ways to Piss Off Any Texan

Us Texans understand that there are a lot of folks moving here who are used to the way things are back where they’re from. For those folks, here is a short list of things to avoid doing if you want to stay on our good side.

16. Charging For Chips and Salsa

Charging for chips and salsa in Texas is like charging for tap water. We basically live off the stuff and charging for them or a refill is pretty much a crime against all Texans.


15. Try to Argue that In-N-Out is Better than Whataburger


Let us save you’ve some time. It’s just not. Not only is Whataburger more delicious than it’s California counterpart, but Whataburger let’s us have our burger our way – 36,864 ways to be exact. In-N-Out can’t even come close to that. Case closed.


14. Living Here and Constantly Saying You Wish You Didn’t

Most of us know that Texas is the greatest country in the United States, and we’re blessed to live here. But, surprisingly enough, there are some folks who apparently don’t enjoy living here. To those people, all we have to say is we have two suggested routes: I-35 North through Jokelahoma, or I-10 which will take you straight to retirement land (aka Florida) or Californiaville.

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13. Make Fun of the Way We Talk


Sure we say some funny things like “Fixin’ To”, “Y’all”, and “Do What”, but that’s just a part of who we are. If you ever find yourself in Texas, you’d do well to incorporate some of our lingo, so you don’t look like such a foreigner.


12. Complain About How We Can’t Drive in Rain/Sleet/Ice/Snow/Etc.

Look, we know we are terrible drivers in any form of precipitation. That’s what happens when you’re used to four kinds of seasons: Kind of Hot, Hot, Really Hot, and Cold Fronts. But, unless you’re a Texan yourself, you can’t really call us out on this. It’s pretty much an unwritten rule.


11. Try and Tell us that King George is not the King

In Texas, George Strait is the King. To say otherwise is just treason. Yea, we’ve heard of kings like Elvis and Michael, but in Texas, country reigns supreme, and George Strait rules them all.

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