16 Signs You Went To School In Texas

5. If when you meet fellow Texans you ask them if they went to a 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a, or 1a school


If you went to high school in Texas, when discussing hometowns you immediately ask how big the school was relative to the UIL classification of 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a, or 1a. Considering the classifications were made to designate school size for football and other sports purposes, it makes perfect sense. Athletics, and more specifically football, are king in Texas, so of course we care about and will judge others based on how big their high school was.


6. You think Friday Night Lights describes your high school experience perfectly


Friday Night Lights may be the greatest show ever, if only because it so perfectly describes what it was like to experience high school in our state.


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7. The Acronymns TEAMS, TAKS, TAAS, or STAAR make you shudder


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that standardized tests suck. These tests have meant the same thing to all of the students who have taken them; extreme anxiety and extremely sore hands from the long Scantron answer sheets. I am so glad I don’t have to take those anymore.


8. You think its weird that some people in other states don’t have pep rallies


I know the whole “not doing the mum” thing was weird enough, but can you believe that there are states that don’t have pep rallies? Some of them don’t even have football teams at their high schools. It’s bizarre. It just ain’t right.


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