14 Things All Texans Have Said At Least Once

10. “Stay on the feeder / Stay on the access road”

This one is less of a saying per se, and more of a weird quirk in our state. Folks in some areas of east Texas, call access roads a “feeder” and pretty much the rest of the state calls them, well, access roads. In any event, the “feeder” part throws people off who aren’t from here, or don’t live in the East Texas thicket.


9.. “I can’t wait for it to cool down outside”

Without fail every year, summer rolls around, and dang near every Texan in this state starts saying this. It goes on pretty much all summer, especially when weather starts reaching for the stars and hittin’ the triple digits. When it gets that hot outside, you’ll hear this phrase about as often as you hear people say “howdy” in this state.”


8. “I can’t wait for it to be hot again.”

It’s funny that people spend all summer wishing for the cold, because almost as soon as the weather hits a “chilly” 45 degrees out, Texans in all shapes and sizes decide that they’re ready for some sunshine and hot weather. We Texans have short term memory loss every winter when it comes to the cold. It may be because we’re just not acclimated to the “cold” that we see here. After spending 9 months of the year with the A/C on in our cars and house, it’s hard to enjoy being half frozen for a month or two.


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7. “No I don’t ride a horse to school/work.”

At some point in all of our lives when traveling outside of our state, someone has made a comment about Texas being where we ride horses to school and work. At that point, we’ve had to explain that no, we don’t all ride horses to school and work. Contrary to popular belief, Texas is a modern state with modern amenities, so assuming that we ride 4 legged animals everywhere is only kinda true.


6. “Come down / Come over / Come up”

When we’re telling folks that they should come by, rarely do we give accurate descriptions of direction. I’ve had people from Dallas, tell me to “come down” to their city from Austin. I’ve heard folks from the Valley tell folks from San Antonio to “come up” and visit. If you ever hear a Texan say “come down / come over / come down”, they’re basically just telling you to stop by wherever it is they may be. Finding directions is purely up to you.


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