14 Things All Texans Have Said At Least Once

The Texan language is a complex blend of Redneck, Spanish, and plain English. These 10 phrases are about as Texan as they come.

14. “Do what?”

You know you say it. Don’t even act like you say, “pardon me” when someone says something you didn’t hear. The best part about it is the confused look on people’s face who aren’t from here. “Do what” is as Texan as The Alamo and Pecan Pie.


13. “Can we get another basket of chips?”

This phrase has become part of the Texan language purely because so many of us eat Tex-Mex on a regular basis. When it comes to chips and salsa, there’s no such thing as self control, which means you’ll easily go through several baskets when you’re seated at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Because of this phrase, it’s a fact of life that it’s impossible to not fill up on chips and salsa before your food arrives though.


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12. “What kind of Cokes do you have?”

In Texas, we don’t call sodas, “soda” or “pop”. All sodas are “Coke”. You can specify what kind of “coke” you want if you actually want a Coke, Sprite, or a Dr Pepper. Just don’t go actin’ all Yankee on us and call any of them “pop”.


11. “Oh you only have Mr. Pibb? I’ll take a Coke then.”

Dr Pepper is an important part of every Texan’s diet. So much so that we won’t even put up with its imitators. When we go somewhere that only has Mr. Pibb, we’ll politely decline and ask for a Coke, water, or tea instead. Dr Pepper is an educated drink. Mr. Pibb didn’t even go to college.


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