14 Old Texas Things Kids Nowadays Can’t Understand

With every passing year things change and we lose some of the things we love. These are 14 of those things that kids today will never understand.

1. Marvin Zindler

tumblr_lyj5l0D2531r7yg03o1_400 Hunter of health code violations and slayer of slime in the ice machine, kids nowadays just don’t understand what it means to have Marvin on their side. His trademark blue glasses and white hair were a mainstay on ABC13 in Houston for a long time. We sure hope he’s playing some good golf, good tennis, or whatever makes him happy. tumblr_lrare2ePYe1qzklpno1_500

Image Via Summeranne

Of course, who could forget his slime in the ice machine reports? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUqlbjxznZA

2. Whataburger ketchup couldn’t be bought at the store


At some point in the very near future kids will find it hard to believe that Whataburger ketchup wasn’t something you could get at HEB. When we were kids the only way to eat some was with a Whataburger meal. My how the times have changed.   Texas Humor Shirt

3. Astroworld


Houston is being given another big theme park very soon, but those of us that had the chance to ride the Ultratwister and the Texas Cyclone know that it will never replace the amazing summer experience that was Astroworld. Enjoy your new theme park kiddos. I hope it brings all the joy that Astroworld brought all of us.


4. Selena


Kids nowadays may have seen her movie, but they’ll never understand the real Selena. She was beautiful, talented, and she did it all before the pop stars of today. She was tragically murdered just as she crossed over to the national stage and in to the pop-genre, but regardless of whether you spoke spanish or not, if you were Texan, you loved her and what she stood for.

5. The Johnny Canales Show

tumblr_m1bo6x0mMN1qhqm9so1_500 If you’re Tejano, chances are you watched the Johnny Canales show back in the day after getting home from church. There was nothing like a bowl of menudo and an episode of the Johnny Canales Show to relax with on a Sunday afternoon. When it went off the air, it was a sad day in Texas. “You got it…take it away!”

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