12 Things Non-Texans Need To Know About Homecoming Mums

6. We’ve Been Practicing This Tradition For A While


Most Texans have had the experience of giving/getting a mum because it’s been a Texas thing for a long time.



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Aside from the built in lighting and sound systems (yes some people are putting speakers in them), they’ve been a part of our lives for quite a while. In fact, some folks still have theirs hanging in their closets long after graduation comes and goes.


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5. Though They Have Definitely Gotten Bigger Over The Years

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We may have been practicing this Mum tradition for a while now, but recently the mums have become feats of engineering due to the size and complexity they’ve taken on. This one is less of a mum and more of a mediaeval spirit shield for someone who obviously loves their team.

4. Which Means You May Need Back Support When Wearing One


Nowadays these things can get seriously large. When I was in high school, you could still get by with just pinning the mum to the girl’s dress (or bra strap if it was a little heavy). But nowadays everyone has gone all Texas Edition on their mums and just built in a neck support or shoulder strap.


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So if your date shows up with one of these big ole’ mums, be sure to wear a back brace or ask him to help carry the thing around all night. Your back muscles will thank you tomorrow.

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3. Mums Are An Expression Of Our Personality


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Whether you love Instagram…


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The Autobots…


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Snow White…


Image Via deedianaa730

Despicable Me…


Photo via that_girl_taylorrrr

Or just have state pride… …The mums are an expression of our love of high school football, life in Texas, and our personalities.

2. We’re Still Baffled That No Other State Does This


As much fun as this whole process and tradition is, it’s still hard for us to understand why no other state does it. I guess here in Texas, we have always marched to the beat of our own (high school marching band) drum.

1. Most Importantly, We Love The Tradition…And The Engineering Challenges


Image Via mir_an_duhhh7

We’re Texans. If making things were easy, we wouldn’t make them at all. Give a Texas Mom a decent budget, school pride, and a son with a pretty date and she’ll make the biggest, most complicated, light and sound show any girl could wear around her neck, wear for miles.

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