12 Reasons Why Texans Love Whataburger

6. They Don’t Just Scribble Unreadable Chicken Scratch On Their Burger Wrappers


Unlike a lot of fast food restaurants that just scribble the custom order on the wrapper, Whataburger has a system of easy to read stickers that make figuring out which burger is yours a snap. Thank you Whataburger for making our lives easier. You’re so organized, and we love you for it.

5. Whataburger Bags Are Insightful


You may be sitting in the drive-thru by yourself, but once that Whataburger bag gets in your car, you’re no longer flying solo. You’ve got precious cargo with insightful messages on it. You might say that Whataburger bags are like life coaches. They make us better people.

4. It’s Impossible To Make It Home Without Eating All The Fries


Those same bags that give us insightful messages also tempt us on the way home. It’s literally impossible to not eat a couple of fries (if not all of them) before you get home. Not only does the food smell amazing, the bags are bright orange and white. They sit their in your passenger seat just mocking you the entire way home. It’s sensory overload that is nearly impossible to resist.

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3. We All Have The Menu Memorized


We eat at Whataburger so often that we don’t even need the menu anymore. At this point, the menu is there for formality’s sake and newcomers to the state who are still in the early stages of Whataburger obsession development.

2. Whataburger Loved Us Enough To Make It’s Fancy Ketchup Available For Everyone


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Whataburger knows that it isn’t possible for us to eat there for EVERY meal. They figured, the least they could do was improve upon the other meals we’re forced to eat elsewhere by providing us with a way to take their Fancy Ketchup home. No longer are we forced to ingest sub-par french fries at home with run-of-the-mill ketchup. Whataburger has given us the gift that keeps on giving by bottling their ketchup and putting it in every HEB around the state.

1. Whataburger Is 100% Texan


Most importantly, we love Whataburger because it’s Texan. Whether it’s the option of putting JalapeƱos on our burgers, the delicious Texas toast they serve, or the fact that they’ll serve you if you ride through the drive-thru on horseback, they’re 100% Texan and we love them for it.

Thank you for being you Whataburger. We love you for it.

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