12 Reasons Why Texans Love Whataburger

If you don’t love Whataburger, you’re probably not a Texan. Here are the 12 big reasons that we love it.

12. It’s Impossible To Turn Down When Someone Offers It


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It doesn’t matter when someone asks. It’s literally impossible to turn down, especially if someone is offering to pick it up for you.

11. It’s Like A Church Where The Religion Is Deliciousness


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Every Whataburger restaurant is a sanctuary of satisfying foods. As a child, they bring joy. As an adult, they bring sustenance. As a human, they bring us together. Whataburger can’t save us like Jesus, but it can magically heal a hungry stomach.

10. Nothing Gets Us Amped Like Finding Out We’re About To Eat Whataburger


Most people who need to get amped up listen to their favorite song, or maybe take a 5-hour energy. A true Whataburger fan doesn’t need any of that. A true Whataburger fan needs a meal from their favorite orange and white restaurant. Maybe a giant sweet tea. Heck, throw in some Spicy Ketchup and you’ve got a party.

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9. We All Wish The Whataburger Guy Was Our Grandpa

Seriously though. That guy’s voice was awesome. Sadly, he was retired from the brand recently, but his memory still lives on in our hearts and stomaches.

8. There Are 36,864 Ways To Customize A Whataburger

Texans believe in freedom; freedom to enjoy our food just like we like it. That’s why Whataburger was created. It was created to help facilitate the celebration of food freedom. Do your part in fighting terrorism and promoting freedom. Order a Whataburger, just like you like it.

7. The Whataburger Sign Is Like An Oasis In A Desert Of Terrible Fast Food


The highways in this state are as long as they are…well, long. On a long trip somewhere, our hunger can get really intense and when you only pass Arby’s and Long John Silver on the highway, nothin’ looks tastier than a massive Whataburger sign on the horizon. The Orange and White “W” sign is like a massive hand beckoning you to pull over and take a few minutes to enjoy a delicious meal as a reward for surviving the miles and miles of Texas.

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