10 Reasons Texans Hate Cold Weather

6…We don’t have proper tools


We are completely unprepared to face the challenges that freezing weather brings us. Even if we wanted to scrape the ice off our windshield we wouldn’t have the tools to do it.


7. Texas is a red state


I’m not talking about politics either. We’re used to warm weather this time of year. Heck, last year I bought my Christmas tree while wearing shorts. Seeing our state turn blue in December is not a sight I normally enjoy seeing.


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8. We’ve been told “it might snow tonight” a thousand times


Every year forecasters tell us that computer models predict snow all around the state. Every year most of those predictions are wrong. We get our hopes up and instead we just get cold wet weather. When it does freeze and snow, we lose our minds.


9. Northerners brag about how much colder it is up there


We don’t care if it is 30 degrees colder in Canada or Oklahoma for that matter. We’re not used to the cold. 40 degrees might as well be -100 degrees. If it’s below 80, we don’t like it. Stop telling us about how much colder it is where you live. We’ll just return the favor when it gets to be 90 degrees in your city and you think that’s “hot”.


10. Literally every Texan complains about the cold


The worst thing about freezing weather in Texas is that ALL Texans complain about it simultaneously. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other online place imaginable, Texans post about the temperature and how they’re coping. After day one, it gets old and may be worse to live through than the cold itself.


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